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Price of My Vote

The Future is in your hands.

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Every American deserves politicians who will:


Stand up for the safety of schoolchildren instead of bowing to the NRA

Ensure the right to clean air and water for all and protect open spaces

Refuse to be beholden to coal, oil and gas industries

Show kindness and compassion to those less fortunate 

Speak out against obvious lies and distortion of scientific facts

Denounce bullies and public figures who preach hatred, racism, and misogyny

Model integrity, morality, honesty, and decency


In 2024, we have a chance to elect members of Congress in Washington who stand up for our values. Spend your vote wisely.

Ways to help

Change starts with you. Here's how you can help.

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Register and Vote

Every vote is important – 2024 is a critical election year. Please get registered, find your polling place, and show up in November.

Call Congress

Effectively contact your Representatives and do it often.

Find Your Sister District

The Sister District Project matches you with nearby swing districts. If you're looking to get involved, this is the most strategic way.

The Republican Party: Mama told me not to go 

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