Call Congress

We recommend calling your representatives and letting them know the high political price they will pay if President Trump and his staff are not held accountable for their actions.
A former staffer for Senator Barbara Boxer wrote this article for Attn: which outlines the best way to contact your congressional representatives.  Here are some suggested tips for calling: 
  1. Look up your federal representatives: you have three, two U.S. Senators, who represent the entire state, and a U.S. Representative, who represents your specific district. You can look them by following the link below, all you need is a zip code.

  2. Make a plan to call: Skip calling the D.C. office and call your district office. Your congressional representatives should have district office phone numbers listed on their website. Call during business hours (also listed on the website) to guarantee that you'll speak to a staffer.

  3. Know what message you want to convey: Do you want your congress person to vote a specific way on a bill? If so, have the bill number and name ready. Do you want to voice your opinion on a non-legislative issues? Have your opinion ready. Do you have a question about where a bill is in the legislative process? Or how your representative plans to vote on a bill? Have the name and number ready for the staff member to look up. 

  4. Be patient and kind: Congressional staffers may not have every answer, but they will do their best to help you. They can take hundreds of calls in one day, but they're here to serve you.

This will direct you to the website: